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Raccoons and other Nuisance Wildlife will find an inadequately insulated attic a desirable place to live and nest due to “heat transfer”.  Heat transfer is the process of heat from the conditioned (living) space of a home escaping up into the attic of an improperly or inadequately insulated attic.  The cold air of an improperly insulated attic will also drop down into the conditioned (living) space.  This process not only makes the attic more desirable for Nuisance Wildlife but also creates a lot of energy waste and extra wear on your heating and air conditioning unit.


Raccoons will get into any opening they can squeeze their heads through.  If they have a strong desire to get into an attic or home, they can go as far as tearing into a roof’s overhangs, shingles, gable vents and valleys where roofs meet.


Raccoons are intelligent, very strong and they can climb.  When dealing with Raccoons (and all Nuisance Wildlife) it is imperative to your safety that you hire a professional wildlife control specialist.  You should never seal off or board up a home or any structure until you are 100% certain that the Raccoons or other Nuisance Wildlife are gone!!!


Raccoons are increasingly more and more comfortable around humans making them more and more difficult to scare away and exclude.  This comfort ability also make them a vector makes them an active vector of disease to humans.


Raccoons and all Nuisance Wildlife will fight hard to re-claim areas where they have rested or nested before.  Therefore, in almost every instance, Iowa Illinois Termite and Pest Control, Inc. will recommend and propose to trap and remove the Nuisance Wildlife culprits from your home or business.  


When dealing with Nuisance Wildlife the 3 step process should always be

1.  Trap

2.  Remove

3.  Exlude

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