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Bed bug

Proven success against bed bugs

Bed Bugs are back!

Do you see small, pinprick sized, dark brown/black specks (drops of blood) on your sheets or mattress? Are you getting bug bites while you sleep? Have you seen this bug on or near your mattress or other sleeping area? If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, you may have bed bugs in your home or apartment!


Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live off of humans. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies. The female bedbugs may lay hundreds of eggs over a lifetime. Immature bedbugs are called nymphs they shed their skin five times before reaching maturity. Bedbugs can produce three or more generations per year.  


Bed bugs can live anywhere! Bed bugs don’t care if you are wealthy or low-income and they don’t care if your house is dirty or clean, large or small. Bed bug infestations occur in the most expensive hotels, multi-million dollar estates, homeless shelters, and everything in between.

  • Bedding

  • Bed Frames

  • Mattress seams

  • Under cushions and along seams of upholstered furniture

  • Where the drawers slide on your wood furniture

  • Curtains

  • Along door frames and window frames

  • Ceiling and wall junctions

  • Crown moldings

  • Wall hangings

  • Loose wallpaper

  • Between the carpet and wall

  • Cracks and crevices in the walls and floors

  • Inside electronic devices

Bed bugs can survive around:

Bed bug Bed bug

It is easy to spread a bed bug problem to a new location. A bed bug infestation begins when the bugs or eggs are brought in from an infested environment to a previously un-infested one. Some examples include having guests visit who bring bugs with them in their clothing, luggage or bedding; purchasing an item or accepting delivery of an item that has bugs or eggs on it; and staying in a hotel that is infested with bed bugs and bringing the bugs home with you in your luggage.


Crowded and cluttered living conditions make it difficult to control or get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs hide and lay their eggs everywhere. Clutter gives bed bugs many places to hid and protects them from control efforts.

IA-IL Termite & Pest Control recommends Remedial Heat treatments to remove all bed bugs from your premises.


The superior differences (REMEDIAL HEAT) has over any other treatment method in the United States at this time, let us start by breaking down our heat- rig itself, our rig is manufactured and produced by temp-air an organization out of Minnesota. The rig is a six-phase heating system meaning we can run up to six heaters at one time. It's also remedial heat, not forced heat so we gradually bring the temperature of the infested space up to 132 -140 degrees, this type of heating system will not damage 99% of the items left in the heated space due to the heat coming up too quickly for most of those items to adjust. It will also kill all life stages of bed bugs that may be on 100% of your regular household belongings. With (forced heat) you will have to remove most of what is in the heated space allowing bugs to possibly enter the previously treated environment. The remedial heat system is all electric reducing the possibility of something malfunctioning with the gas system; remedial heat is preferred in and around multi dwelling structures for this very fact alone. It also allows us to bring the actual heaters into the infested space unlike a gas rig that runs an intake and outtake line allowing the heated air to cool; therefore remedial heat will give you a much more powerful and permeating heat delivery. As far as chemical applications are concerned it doesn’t even compare. Most modern day pesticides are inconsistent. The inconsistencies come from a barge of different elements.  The type of fabric the pesticides are being sprayed on, make the bed bugs resistant to that particular active ingredient, and weather or not that particular product affects the egg deposits. The property owner also runs the risk of having somebody enter that treated space and having a bad reaction to the chemical itself.

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