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Insulation for your home

Attic Insulation

Iowa-Illinois Termite & Pest Control, Inc. offers a complete weatherization department offering insulation, window, doors, air sealing and much more.


Insulation is the most effective way to improve the Energy Efficiency of a home. Insulation of the Building Envelope helps keep heat in during the winter, but lets heat out during summer to improve comfort and save energy. Insulating a home can save 45–55% of heating and cooling energy.


Adding Cellulose Insulation to the Attic will help reduce Heat Transfer. Heat Transfer is defined as heat loss. It occurs when there is not enough insulation or the wrong type of insulation (i.e. fiberglass). By blowing Cellulose Insulation into the Attic, we will create a true Thermal Barrier. This Barrier will keep warm air in during the winter months and cool air in during the summer months also by decreasing heat transfer; you will see lower heating costs.

In order to build a True Thermal Barrier around your conditioned (living) space, empty walls are an excellent opportunity for energy savings. By dense packing your exterior walls, you will notice a very big difference in your heating and air conditioning costs.


Dense Pack the Side Walls from the Exterior to bring the R-Value (thermal resistance) to R-13.4. In order to dense pack the side walls, we will need to remove a few rows of siding, 3” holes will then be drilled into each stud cavity to allow for Dense Packing the Side Wall areas. We will then Dense Pack to an R-13.4 rating using the Dense Packing method. Our powerful Insulation Blower delivers a lean mixture of Cellulose and Air at about a hundred feet per second. Dense Packing 3lb of Cellulose per cubic foot. Dense packing is very different from Open Blow Insulating, in that when dense packing it leaves no room for insulation to settle and drop. Completing the Dense Packing method will make this area of the Home an efficient part of the Thermal Envelope.

Dense Pack Insulation

A few benefits of Cellulose Insulation are as follows:


  • BEST ALL AROUND INSULATOR: Cellulose insulation is an established, time-proven building material tested to be 40% more effective as a thermal insulator than standard fiberglass insulation. It’s hard to beat cellulose for uniform R-values. The aggressive filling characteristics of the cellulose are perfect for consistent insulation around obstacles such as pipes, wires, etc...

  • SOUND INSULATION: Cellulose is approximately three times denser than fiberglass, this helps deaden the sound from outside disturbances.

  • MOLD AND PEST CONTROL: The Borates in the Cellulose Insulation provide superior control against mold. Insulations have shown that even several months of water saturation and improper insulation did not result in mold. The borates also kill self-grooming insects if ingested.

  • FIRE RETARDANT: The borate treatment also gives Cellulose the highest (Class I) fire safety rating.

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